How To Smell Proof Your Room: 7 Easy Tricks You Must Know (2022)

The main reason why an individual prefers to smoke outside is to avoid the smell in his room and of course, the consequences that one has to face if caught smoking. If you stay in a dorm or with your parents, smoking indoors can be risky because of all the beautiful smell of cannabis. And that is the reason smoking outside is the best choice available.

But, if for some reason, smoking outside is not an option for you, there are certain things that you can do to minimize the risk of getting caught. You have to make sure of certain things like hiding your stash safely, directing the smoke outside, and that your room does not leak out the aroma of the herbs.

So, if you want to smoke inside without letting the people know, don’t stress out, here are some helpful tips for you.

7 Tips On How To Smell Proof Your Room

Let’s get started.

1. Smell Proof Containers or Bags

Smell Proof Containers

First things first. Smoking inside is a whole nother problem, but hiding the stash safely is very important. If you keep it somewhere in the open, even without smoking, the aroma of the herbs will spread throughout the room. So use a smell-proof container to store them.

Here are our Top 20 smell proof bags and containers you should be using in 2022.

The airtight containers will not only keep away odor from spreading but will also keep your weed safe from molds.

2. Use Fan or Ventilator

If you are smoking in your room, a fan can help you a lot by dispersing the smoke. It is essential to have proper air circulation if you want to smoke indoors. Open a window and turn on the fan to eliminate the smell.

If there is an exceptional ventilator in your room or bathroom that purifies the air, then smoking near it will help you remove scent and the smoke instantly. It is advised to smoke in the direction of the air flow.

3. Use Air Freshener

Air freshener

The best way to smell proof your room is to mask the scent of weed with some other smell. Use a room freshener before you start smoking, this way, the scent of cannabis and the aroma of the room freshener will combine, and it will be easier to eliminate the smell later on. Use the air freshener even after smoking.

You can also light a few scented candles in your room during your smoking session. So, just in case you get a surprise visitor, they won’t be suspicious. An air purifier is also a great option.

4. Open Windows

Windows are the best thing that will maintain the right airflow in the room. Opening a window while smoking will give the smoke a way to escape the room. If there is no window in your room, you must try to avoid smoking inside.

The scent of cannabis will linger around in the room along with the smoke. So, if you aim your smoke outside the window, the lingering smell will cause you less trouble. But be careful while exhaling the smoke, there might be someone around. First, look around and then smoke.

5. Minimizing Risk

Precaution is better than cure. As much as possible, try to reduce the risk of getting caught. There are a few things that you must take care of while smoking.

  • The smoke can go out through the gap below the door. Cover this gap using a wet cloth.
  • Always keep the window open while smoking.
  • Turn on the fan to disperse the smoke.
  • Try to aim the smoke outside the window to avoid filling your room with smoke along with its odor.
  • Keep your hair out of the way of the smoke. Your hair and hand can easily pick up the odor.
  • Have a safe place to discard off the cigarette.

6. Disposing of the Evidence

Even after you have finished enjoying weed or cigarettes, its remains can still give out aroma and make your room smelly. So, disposing of the remains is also a significant part of the question ‘How to smell proof your room?’

Once you are done, it is advised to douse your cigarette in water. This will instantly stop smoke and scent from spreading. Now you can dispose of the cigarette in your trashcan by rolling it in the toilet paper or just flush it down the toilet.

But if you want to avoid both, store the remains in a zip-lock bag and throw it in the public trashcan when you go out.

7. Vaping


Smoking is an unhealthy method of enjoying herbs as it damages your lung. There are so many risks involved in smoking. The most preferred way to enjoy cannabis is vaping. The scent involved in vaping is very less. Vaping does not give out a powerful aroma, and it also disappears quickly.

You can easily mask this smell with a scented candle or room freshener. Vaping gives out better taste than regular smoking. Also, vaping lets you can enjoy your stash without giving out much waste.

So, if the people around you can’t stand your smoking habits, vaping is the ultimate option. Enjoy smoking indoors using a Vape pen and never have an eyebrow raised.

How To Smell Proof Yourself

Even if you manage to remove the smoke and its lingering scent out of your room, your hands and body will definitely smell like weed. So, if you have a surprise visitor, they can easily make out that you smoked not by the smoke or odor in your room but by the scent of the weed on your body.

It is imperative to remove this lingering smell from your body. Here are a few things you must do after smoking:

  • Keep your smoking session short and sweet.
  • Wash your hands immediately after smoking.
  • Take a shower, just to be more careful.
  • Brush your teeth or use a mouth wash.
  • Change your clothes and use a body perfume.

So, there are so many options with which you can smell proof your room. Follow the tips, and you can enjoy smoking without raising any suspicion.

Also, if I have missed out on a point or you have any secret tip on How to smell proof your room, let me know in the comment section below.