Can Dogs Smell Through Airtight Containers? Here’s The Actual Truth

Does thought of hiding your stash or getting caught constantly worry you?

Well, having a stash is illegal in most countries and carrying it around in public is a crime. For many, even keeping it in your house is risky as your family or neighbors may be lacking tolerance. But what is the solution to that?

If you want to store cannabis, dog treats, or other smelly products and carry it around without raising suspicion, you must take care of the beautiful aroma your stash gives out. For this, you must use smell proof bags or containers.

Smell Proof Bags and How it Works

Honestly, scent of cannabis is quite impressive and it can fill up your room even if you are not smoking it. In order to smell proof, first thing that you must do is store it in a stash jar or smell protected pouches and then in a safe location.

These smell proof bags will keep the intense aroma of herbs or dog treats sealed. Depending on your budget, you can buy smell protected pouches or containers to store your stash and mask its scent. There are a variety of bags available online.

These smell proof bags have an activated carbon lining which traps odor inside the bag and does not let it leave. It also neutralizes scent of weed. Besides, these smell proof bags also use a double Velcro enclosure or high-quality zipper to provide extra smell protection.

Few other bags use TPU technology to provide smell protection, which is eco-friendly as it helps in minimizing the carbon footprints. However, the effectiveness is slightly lower than the activated carbon technology.

Advantage of going for an airtight container is that it does not allow a flow of air and creates a vacuum inside. And this vacuum does not let the scent leave bag or container. Also, these bags will prevent your stash from mildew and molds.

Can Dogs Smell Through Airtight Containers?

If you or your neighbors have a dog or you are in a situation where a trained drug sniffer dog is near you, will you depend on your luck to save you? No! That would be so stupid.

If you want to know whether your dog is picking up on a scent, you can check for the following body languages:

  • Ears raising
  • Sniffing around
  • Following a scent
  • Staying at the same location
  • Alert position

Can Dogs Smell Through Air Tight Containers

A dog’s sense of smell is 1,000,000 times better than humans. We, humans, have only 6 million olfactory receptors, whereas these pups possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses. That cute little nose of dogs can smell even the faintest scents.

They can also detect cent of a person and trace their location. Thus, we see police using dogs to detect explosives, search drugs, or a person.

While cooking, we humans smell the combined aroma of the dish, but dogs can smell individual items used in that recipe.

Therefore, if you think that masking the smell of herbs or dog treats with some other scent will save you and dogs won’t be able to smell it, then it’s just a myth. If you think that you can conceal stash between other things, it’s not going to help you.

There is no such trick that will guarantee you that you can fool a dog, but you can surely reduce the chances of getting caught. As I mentioned before, smell proof bags or containers do not let the smell escape through it.

Though dogs have an incredible ability to sniff any smell, they won’t be able to smell through airtight containers or bags. So, if you use an excellent smell proof container, the dog won’t be able to detect any scent.

Some Common Mistakes

You can easily fool a human with smell proof bags, but it’s challenging to fool a dog. There are some common mistakes we usually commit while carrying stash around. These can let smell of weed linger around and reach the dog’s nose.

  • If you use some cheap plastic containers or bags, odor can quickly leave its porous surface. If not instantly, over time, it surely will.
  • If you keep herbs in a container for a long time, it will eventually develop a layer of scent around it.
  • When you store them, scent in your hand will stay on the outer surface of container.

Smart Tricks To Protect Your Stash from K-9 Police Dogs

Dogs are brilliant and therefore you need some smart tricks to protect your stash from them. Here are a few tips:

1. Use Airtight Containers or Smell Protected Pouches to Keep Your Smoking Goods

As you know that airtight containers and smell protected pouches are made in such a manner that it creates a vacuum inside which does not allow air flow. Thus, restricting aroma of your secret goods inside.

airtight containers

2. Avoid Plastic Containers

Use a glass jar which is airtight to store your materials, or use smell proof bags and pouches. Conventional plastic containers or bags have tiny pores that will easily let scent pass through it.

3. Store the Herbs at a Good Height

Dogs typically search at ground level. They tend to sniff more at things which is at their maximum reach. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to hide your stash in your home from a neighboring dog, or there is a search going around close to your place, store your stash in the highest place you could possibly think of.

4. Extra Care

If you want to take some extra care into storing your herbs, put in some extra effort, and freeze herbs and spices before carrying them. Use a foil to cover those frozen herbs and then place it in an airtight glass container.

5. Lead Boxes

You can even put your smoking goods in a lead container. Lead does not allow smell to pass through it. However, it can immediately raise suspicion and it will be hard to explain if found.

Warning: Lead is also cancerous and it should be avoided at best.

6. Smell Proof Travel Bags

Smell proof travel bags will also give your material extra protection. For an added layer of secrecy, keep these smell proof bags or airtight containers in a smell proof backpacks while traveling or carrying it around.

Final Words

But hey, being smart is better than acting smart.

If you think of bringing drugs to the airport, customs, or any other risky place, you will just be jumping out of the frying pan into fire.

So, instead of thinking can dog smell through airtight containers, be safe and avoid carrying such things and save yourself from stressing out.